Painkiller Party releases video for „All you need is 2“

Some things work best when there are two of them: Two legs, for example, or two eyes. And some things only exist because they are double, like Double Bass or Double Dutch. And let’s not forget about double cheese on pizza! So, what else is perfect in the combination of two? Right, it’s Painkiller Party! Berlin’s weird-ass Electronicore duo is back with a new music video to their wonderfully catchy, yet also heavily breakdowny song „All you need is 2“.

Melancholic synthesizers and the extremely deep growls of vocalist Josefine harmonize perfectly and will stay in your ears for quite a while. Being accompanied by a spine-chilling long breakdown part and Noel’s high pitched screams, “All you need is 2” is the most dramatic song Painkiller Party ever wrote. Yet the message remains so pure: No matter how terrible the world around you may be, if you have one true friend, that’s all it takes!

And if you didn’t find your soulmate in your band mate, there is still a chance to find it in a unicorn! And this is where guest actor Oliver the Unicorn Cowboy returns. Two love stories in one, and of course the typically weird and colourful aesthetic of Painkiller Party that makes the band so extremely unique – “All you need is 2” is a cute and heavy song with a cute and funny video!

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