“Game On It” released by PHRUU

“Game On It” is one of those tracks that isn’t just a song, but a whole experience. Whether you plan to listen intently or leisurely, its produced by Lucas Quinn, and opens with a bass drop that immediately grabs you. PHRUU enters with smooth vocals, that can’t be identified but felt as the song opens ‘Know I do the most….’ It begins how we reach expansion in reaching for what matters most to us. The following section brings in the complete concept of taking lessons as the horns pick up and carry you into lucid realm of hip hop.

The Arrangement itself is unorthodox but plays the hook 3 times subtly. The first is in reverse, and as we leave the hook we hear where PHRUU introduces a new dimension by rapping mid verse. The jazzy rap blends with horns as the lyrics face self worth head on. The last verse is all rap and expands to group relations, family and friends relations, and the part we play in those dynamics, good or bad. The verse ends with relief that everyone is well, lessons paid off, and no hard feelings are left. Only a hard drop back into the hook to take us home.

The artist PHRUU left Atlanta, and crossed the nation to California in order to further her career, yet it on a visit back home to Atlanta was when this baby was conceived. Mixed and recorded by PHRUU herself, using a c214 on this round and passing the mastering off to Oaklands Legend SK slapwagon. Enjoy the experience & Follow PHRUU on Spotify!

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