Kelsie Kimberlin Brings Fire To The Finale Of Her Breakout Year with “Reflection”

Throughout the course of singer/songwriter Kelsie Kimberlin’s most groundbreaking year-to-date in 2021, she’s released an onslaught of audio/video badassery that has fearlessly cross-examined society with cleverly worded sarcasm, sharp commentary, and direct criticism – and she’s done it all with style. Beaming with a sensational Pop vibe that is as relentlessly catchy as her lyrics are thought-provoking, Kelsie has thrilled listeners around the globe by creating music with serious perspective and straight-up incredible sound. Combined with her cinematic visuals accompanying each single she’s released along the way, her songs & videos have taken over playlists worldwide; to say she had a great year would be an extraordinary understatement – Kelsie Kimberlin crushed 2021 so hard it solidified her career for the future to follow as she surges into next year more inspired, refined and ready to fully dominate the charts.

With one final red-hot new single to heat up the screens and speakers before 2021 is finished – Kelsie’s latest song “Reflection” takes a closer look at those who profit from exploiting privacy and turns the mirror back towards us to see what we truly value, what’s important, and what we should hold sacred. Through the stunning scenes of her new video and the cleverness of her lyricism, she unapologetically explores how damaging a paparazzi-style peek into our lives can truly be, the powerlessness of having our private lives become public property without consent, and the lasting psychological damage that comes with being treated like a commodity…another thumbs-up…another like…another subscriber…

“Reflection” is a shockingly expressive reminder that we all have the gift of choice when it comes to the content we consume – and that it’s up to each of us to use that power for the greater good. In a world that is consistently comforted by the vortex of entertainment on their phones and easy online clickbait, “Reflection” reveals the fragility of humanity hiding behind the fake glitz & gloss of what we see posted on The Gram. As listeners have enjoyed all of her music, the many twists and turns of her insightful perspective lead her to a genuinely empowered anthem that is unafraid to dive into the darkest corners of society in a sincere effort to create meaningful material with gritty substance & powerful words that confidently prove no one is in charge of Kelsie’s destiny BUT Kelsie – and the very same, should apply to everyone. YOU are special beyond words, valued, and worth the pain of all that YOU go through each & every day – “Reflection” reminds us all to never take our uniqueness for granted, or let it be damaged by anyone, whether it’s the paparazzi selling your image or the way that we look at ourselves too critically.

“Reflection” is about knowing your worth and never selling yourself short – and it’s officially available online on every major music platform along with Kelsie’s brand-new video supporting her latest single. Join her this December as she fires up the finale this year needed with an unforgettable new song that highlights her radiant vocals & confidently reveals the way she sees the world through her “Reflection” – and get set for Kelsie to exceed your wildest expectations as she heads straight to number one in 2022.

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