Citizen Queen Debut Original Music With Power Anthem “Call Me Queen”

Welcome to the new era of vocal quintet Citizen Queen. Today, the group is excited to officially release their first original song “Call Me Queen,” a powerful pop/R&B rallying cry, wrapped firmly in self-empowerment and swagger via RCA Records. Working with some of the hottest writers and producers in the industry, “Call Me Queen” is written by pop maverick Justin Tranter (Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber), Grammy-Award winning female hit-making duo NOVA WAV (Beyoncé, Ariana Grande) and Shawn Serrano aka Shawn Wasabi. The track was produced by NOVA WAV and co-produced by Shawn Wasabi.

Comprised of five supremely talented female vocalists, Kaedi Dalley (20), Hannah Mrozak (22), Cora Isabel, (19) Nina Nelson (22) and Kaylah Sharve’ (21), Citizen Queen is diverse in vocal style and background, but united in their mission to carry the torch as the next generation of girl group excellence.

Dressed in stunning outfits embellished with Swarovski crystals, the group also releases the accompanying music video, which was directed by Lauren Dunn (The Weeknd) and choreographed by Jamaica (Justin Bieber, Usher, Ciara). It showcases the girls’ powerful vocals and dance skills as they prepare their heist to reclaim their rightful crowns.

Justin Tranter says, “These brilliant young women are exactly what a girl group should be in 2020. Diverse, inclusive, passionate, loving and truly dedicated to every detail of their craft. They don’t take their extraordinary vocal gifts for granted for one second.”

NOVA WAV comments, “When we met the girls we were swept away by their vocal ability and undoubtable uniqueness. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the greats like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ariana…and we must say that we see the same star quality in Citizen Queen and are excited about our future together!”

“Citizen Queen has always been five best friends that love to sing together, love each other for our differences as much as our similarities, and respect each other for that very same reason,” says Kaedi. “We’re taking that energy into this new chapter of our story!”

Alongside their executive producer team of Justin Tranter and NOVA WAV, Citizen Queen has spent the better part of the year developing an arsenal of slickly-produced, superbly sung R&B-laced pop bangers and ballads. More to come from Citizen Queen soon.

The group have racked up hundreds of thousands of streams, millions of views on YouTube – including the expertly-arranged and flawlessly-executed “Evolution of Girl Groups” (20m views) – toured in arenas throughout North America and received praise from the likes of everyone from Ariana Grande to Meghan Trainor – and they haven’t even released original music…until now.

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