Riding into the Night: The Peawees’ Journey with ‘One Ride’

Italian garage-rock legends The Peawees have set the stage for excitement by announcing their upcoming album ‘One Ride’, slated for release on September 6th via Wild Honey Records.

Their latest revelation, ‘The Wolf’, provides an enticing glimpse into the sonic landscape of the forthcoming record. This potent track effortlessly navigates through the realms of garage, rock’n’roll, and soul, all infused with a contemporary flair. With its infectious groove, mesmerizing guitar riff, and evocative lyrics, ‘The Wolf’ transports listeners into a nocturnal realm, where the allure of escape beckons against the constraints of familiarity.

With a musical journey spanning over a remarkable 25 years, The Peawees have evolved from their punk rock roots, blending in elements of R’n’B, Roots Rock, Soul, and Garage influences, all while retaining the essence of their rock’n’roll upbringing. The result is a distinctive sound that has propelled them to stages worldwide, sharing the limelight with iconic acts such as The Sonics, The Fleshtones, The Dwarves, and Radio Birdman.

At the helm of The Peawees’ current lineup stands founding frontman and songwriter Hervé Peroncini, joined by the powerhouse drumming of Texican transplant Tommy Gonzalez, formerly of Nick Curran and The Lowlifes. Together with the dynamic duo of Dario Persi on guitar and backing vocals, and Fabio Clemente on bass, they form a formidable force in the realm of contemporary rock.

Beyond The Peawees’ collective endeavours, Hervé’s talents extend to his guitar and songwriting contributions for Nikki Corvette, while a recent collaboration with Mark Arm of Mudhoney showcases the band’s ongoing commitment to musical exploration and collaboration.

As ‘One Ride’ prepares to hit the airwaves, The Peawees stand poised to embark on another exhilarating chapter in their storied career, inviting listeners to join them on a thrilling journey through the realms of rock’n’roll and beyond.

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