Bas Jan Releases New Album “Back To The Swamp”

Bas Jan releases the new album “Back To The Swamp”, on which he makes extensive use of big names from the past. Filled with thought-provoking stories, “Back To The Swamp” is a reflective worldview, as evidenced in “Singing Bar”, set in a karaoke-style piano bar in Kowloon before the 2019 Hong Kong protests, with a list featuring songs from heavy-hitters including Cher, Belinda Carlisle et al.

After the glorious anarchic headrush of “Baby U Know” in all its ‘messy majesty’, “Back To The Swamp” is a coming-of-age record; a heady struggle between their inveterate do-it-yourself ethic and new responsibilities. The swamp is an analogy for spotty beginnings and simpler times. Witches, tarot readings, road signs, Salt-N-Pepa namechecks, and a river all shouted: welcome to the swamp…

Track List
1) At The Counter
2) No More Swamp
3) Credit Card
4) Ding Dong
5) Margaret Calvert Drives Out
6) Back To The Swamp
7) Singing Bar
8) Cried A River
9) Tarot Card
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