David Paich presents new track “Queen Charade”

Photo (c) Eus Driessen

David Paich and The Players Club / Mascot Label Group have presented the second reveal in front of the release of his debut solo album titled “Forgotten Toys” on August 19, “Queen Charade”.

Harmonica kicks up dust over the rollicking guitar-driven groove of the recording, which nods to the opera “Queen of Spades” and explores the exploits of a femme fatale who has many faces and can manipulate men with her playing card prowess.

David Paich shares, “This song, about an obsessed gambler and a cunning Duchess, was inspired after I worked on Keith Richard’s solo record.” Prior, the lead song “Spirit Of The Moonrise” was released. At the time of release, Paich shared, “This is a recurring dream about a distraught girl, riding neath the moonlight. It has perplexed me over many a night…”.

“Queen Charade” can be listened over here:

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