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Get Well Soon today releases his highly anticipated new studio album “Amen” through Virgin Music. Konstantin Gropper’s sixth full-length marks the beginning of a new chapter. Amen was recorded and produced with Marcus Wüst at Kleine Audiowelt in Sandhausen, Germany.

While 2018’s “The Horror” sheds light on the German songwriter’s take on what felt like a rather dark and toxic situation, the upcoming album “Amen” sees the 39-year-old artist return to a better and more hopeful place – despite his current state. of the world. ‘A person’s true character is often revealed in times of crisis, someone wise once observed – and well … voilà.’ – said Konstantin Gropper.

‘It happened during lockdown: I was constantly checking the news feeds and working alone most of the time, when suddenly I realized … that I’m an optimist! It was a weird, almost horrible realization for someone like me – who’d always been drawn to pessimists and naysayers, to anyone from Thomas Bernhard to Kurt Cobain. Well, eventually I had to give in and admit to myself that I simply needed to believe in some sort of “happy end” for all this,’ admits Gropper. While far from gloomy, he is clearly aware of the devastating effects of the past two years on society. ‘It’s just that I don’t want to hear any more of that typical whining and complaining – it’s super annoying. People are constantly complaining about the situation, how they’re facing adversity, and they don’t see that they’re still some of the most privileged people on the planet!’

There’s a fine sense of humour in his latest full-length, too: from a Siri-inspired, rather a pushy AI assistant serving as a guide throughout the LP to Gropper’s ruminations on the tech billionaires eccentric Space Race; from an entire lyric derived from fortune cookie quotes to his tongue-in-cheek incarnation of a life coach who claims to know the best short cut to eternal bliss…

Speaking of life coaches and self-optimization, the idea of ​​a fresh start also runs like a thread through the first single Mantra – a song that, according to Gropper, is ‘dedicated entirely to the weaker self.’ You are here / it is time / then why don’t you / why – he asks repeatedly, eventually drowning the infidel mantra in a massive wave of electrified shoegaze production – until only a whiff of cosmic energy remains.

As for the album’s sound, “Amen” is generally painted with a lighter palette compared to its predecessors. But “Amen” is certainly not just positivity. Instead, it’s Get Well Soon asking how to get that positive spot back — despite whatever horror scenario unfolds. Today, along with “Amen”, the new single, “My Home Is My Heart” is also released, accompanied by a music video that plays the same exciting scenario.

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