Gabe Furtado brings positive vibes and self-love with his latest single, “Flowers”

Gabe Furtado drops his latest single, “Flowers,” on his birthday. “Flowers” is the debut single off his upcoming album of the same name. Written as a love letter to himself, the essence of the lyrics and melody of the song depicts his evolution into positive self-acceptance and love. The track is packed with rhythmic sounds destined to make the listener get up and dance. Uplifting and healing in nature, “Flowers” transports listeners to a world of self-confidence that is certain to fill eardrums with positive energy and vibrations.

Gabe Furtado initially was studying communication with a focus on journalism. However, while in school, his Dad suddenly passed, and he realized life was too short not to live your best life. With his new mindset, Gabe decided to drop out of college to focus on his passion for music. He began in 2014 by releasing cover songs by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Mika. By 2017, he released his first professional EP titled “Just Feelings.” The album had three cover songs, including his version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” his most streamed on Spotify, receiving 200k streams. Gabe started making homemade videos on his YouTube channel for two songs to accompany his EP. With the success of the videos, he decided to make his original LP. Gabe launched his original music with “Last Goodbye,” a song about his Dad’s passing. Accompanied by stunning visuals, the “Last Goodbye” video sparked the attention of the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival and was nominated for all the music video categories in the Los Angeles International Music Video Festival.

Produced by Hi5, Sandra Carletti, and Gabe Furtado,”Flowers” explodes with lyrics about staying true to yourself and was recorded in Gabe’s home studio. The positive energy and upbeat vibe are Gabe’s constant staple in his music. He states, “I feel so honored to be giving life to Flowers. The song and album talk about love, uniqueness, passion, faith, romance, and duality.”

Known for being the epitome of creativity, Gabe’s most prominent qualities are optimism, a positive mindset, and faith. In his presence, you are sure to have a smile on your face. He ensures listeners will want to sing along and dance to the vibrant and self-assuring lyrics paired with the hypnotic upbeat melodies of his latest track. With his life orbiting around fun-filled experiences, Gabe states, “everything I have accomplished in life is because I am blessed, I believe in myself, and because I have amazing people in my life supporting me the way they’re able to.”

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