Alt-metal / rock band We Are the Catalyst release new single “More”

The alternative metal / rock trio We Are The Catalyst consists of Cat Fey, Kenny Boufadene and Håkan Strind. The group was formed in Varberg, Sweden in 2012 and their unique mix of rock, metal, pop and electronic elements that are woven together in a strikingly natural symbiosis has managed to attract a lot of attention in just a couple of years.

The new single “More” is out on November 12, through Raw Street Noise, and it is a song about growing and developing as a person, and at the same time daring to leave behind the people who can not accept or follow one’s development.

We Are the Catalyst explains: “It’s a song about standing on your own two feet, and to dare to be proud of who you are. After all, you are sometimes stronger alone, if the alternative is to lean on people who do not let you reach your full potential and who prefer stagnation.”

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