Avid Collector Announces Search For Original 1969 Globe Boxing Style Jimi Hendrix North Carolina Concert Posters

Vintage Rock Posters announces its search for original 1969 Globe boxing style Jimi Hendrix North Carolina concert posters. Hendrix and the Experience played at The Dorton Arena in Raleigh on April 11 and the Charlotte Coliseum on May 9. According to Hawley, “The boxing style 1969 Jimi Hendrix poster printed by Globe Posters is unique in two ways. First, most Hendrix concert posters had psychedelic designs, so a classic boxing style layout is unique and distinct. Also, Globe only produced two DayGlo posters for Jimi Hendrix in his short run between 1967 and 1970.”

Hawley adds, “Globe Poster printed the 22 x 28-inch layout on thick cardboard and used fluorescent DayGlo pigments to make the posters stand out. The concert poster has a stock photo of the Experience, with bright orange clouds scattered across the layout. Globe printed the venue name on the top left with the show date on the right. Next, the ticket prices are listed, saying they are available at local record stores. Song titles are printed on both sides of the stock photo. For some reason, the printer changed the name of “Little Miss Strange” to “Little Miss Stranger.” Noel Redding’s band, Fat Mattress, opened the show. Redding was the bass player for the Experience. On the bottom left is printed “Other Top British Acts,” however, no additional British bands played at either venue.”

Vintage Rock Posters offers a $10,000 reward for a 1969 Jimi Hendrix Raleigh or Charlotte concert posters printed by Globe Posters. If you happen to have one, please takes pictures of the concert poster and email them to rareboard@aol.com.

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