Chris Constantinou, Bassist For Adam Ant, Releases New Single

During the Great Quarantine Of 2020, when a large part of the music industry came to a grinding halt, many bands and artists were content to wait until the pandemic passed and normal business resumed while other artists decided to make the most of the unusual times and try a little something different! Such was the case with longtime British music veteran Chris Constantinou, a seasoned player known for his work with such groundbreaking rock artists as Adam Ant and Lou Reed as well as the punk supergroup The Mutants with Rat Scabies.

In 2020, Constantinou connected with a young hip hop artist from Wales going by the name of Rude Grl who had kicked around with a few big names of her own including Basement Jaxx and Lady Sovereign, and together the two collaborated on a unique hip hop/punk rock hybrid. They were joined in this new experiment by background vocalist and “striptease artist of the year” Bunni Morretto, and collectively dubbed themselves Rude GRL+CC.

When the group’s initial offering, a fantastic EP called Like Wow, received high praise from outlets such as Vive Le Rock, the group decided to continue the experiment and release another single, a cover of the 1959 classic rockabilly hit by Vince Taylor “Brand New Cadillac.” Although The Clash may have beaten Rude GRL+CC to the punch with their 1979 version, Constantinou and Rude Grl make the song all their own, updating it with modern sonic textures that amp up the old school rock swagger. As a special bonus, a B-side is included, an original track “Overkill.”

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