Joan As Police Woman Announces Album “Lemons, Limes and Orchids”

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Joan As Police Woman unveils her latest single “Long For Ruin” today, a preview of her upcoming album “Lemons, Limes and Orchids” set to release on September 20 via Play It Again Sam.

Photo (c) Paola Kudacki

“Long For Ruin” captures Joan As Police Woman in a moment of sobering introspection and quiet confrontation. The song delves into existential themes, reflecting on the current bleak state of the world and humanity’s role in its ongoing decay. With emotive urgency, the track blends indie rock and alternative soul, featuring distorted electric guitar chords and intricate percussion against a backdrop of cinematic instrumentation and striking production. Joan’s poignant vocal delivery adds layers of contemplation and melancholy to the narrative.

‘This song addresses humanity’s apparent drift away from our core values of listening, empathy, communication, and love. It reflects our seeming self-destructive tendencies and our reluctance to share resources, turning away from ourselves and each other.’

Joan As Police Woman

Alongside the single release, Joan announces her 10th studio album “Lemons, Limes and Orchids”. Scheduled for September 20, the album delves deep into themes of love and loss while offering a broader reflection on the passage of time. Joan’s artistic evolution is evident as she incorporates jazz influences with electronic and ambient elements, showcasing a metamorphic splendour throughout the record.

‘I wanted to create an album that truly highlights my voice. The recordings were done live with the band, capturing an authentic energy. A friend described it as the sexiest album I’ve ever made, and I agree.’

Joan As Police Woman

Lemons, Limes & Orchids features contributions from a stellar lineup of collaborators, including Meshell Ndegeocello on bass, Chris Bruce on guitar, Daniel Mintseris on keys, and Parker Kindred and Otto Hauser on drums. This album marks Joan As Police Woman’s return since her acclaimed 2021 collaborative project The Solution Is Restless with Tony Allen and Dave Okumu, which garnered praise for its genre-spanning blend of afrobeat, jazz, trip-hop, and pop-rock.

Throughout her illustrious three-decade career, Joan has established herself as a formidable live performer, sharing stages with icons such as Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, and Iggy Pop, among others. She has also significantly contributed to music education at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and recently joined Iggy Pop’s touring band as a keyboardist and vocalist.

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