First single “Palmaillerennen” by German Hammond jazz quartet Hamburg Spinners

“Palmaillerennen” is the first single release of the Hamburg-based hammond jazz-quartet Hamburg Spinners, taken from the band’s debut album “Skorpion im Stiefel” that will follow both on vinyl and digitally on November 13th. Like the whole album “Palmaillerennen” was cut live on a weekend in May 2020 in Hamburg’s Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!-Studios.

“Palmaillerennen” features a catchy and uplifting tune with Carsten Meyeron Hammond B-3, Dennis Rux on guitar, David Nesselhauf on bass, and Lucas Kochbeck on drums. A perfect soundtrack for a ride down the ‘Palmaille’, a famous avenue in Hamburg-Altona. Who needs winners when there’s the Hamburg Spinners!?

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