Roskilde Festival 2021 sold out

All 80,000 all-week tickets to next year’s Roskilde Festival have now been sold. The 50th edition of Roskilde Festival should have taken place this summer, but like other major festivals all over the world it was cancelled because of the Corona pandemic. Now, festival no. 50 will take place in 2021.

Ticketholders for this year’s festival were given the possibility to transfer their tickets to 2021. 85 % chose to do so. This Tuesday, when Roskilde Festival started the sale of the refunded all-week tickets, all 12,000 tickets were sold out in just a couple of hours.

This means that 80,000 people have already chosen to show their support for Roskilde Festival by saying yes to the full festival experience with art, music and activism when Roskilde Festival no. 50 takes place from 26 June to 3 July in 2021.Next year, the festival will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

“Now that it was not possible to complete the 50th edition of the festival this year, we are thrilled about the massive support our festival-goers have shown us. We had not dared to hope that the tickets would move so fast. Thanks for that! Now the planning of festival number 50 will continue, and we’re looking forward to sharing much more about what will happen. The fact that so many people support us means that we expect to live up to our purpose after the festival in 2021, which is to support children and young people.”

Roskilde Festival’s spokeswoman, Christina Bilde

One-day tickets still available

Every year, Roskilde Festival sells 80,000 all-week tickets and 5,000 one-day tickets for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, respectively. One-day tickets to Roskilde Festival 2021 will be available for sale this autumn.

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