No Roskilde Festival in 2021

The prohibition on conducting large events this summer also applies to Roskilde Festival. Consequently, this year’s festival is postponed to 2022. This summer’s festivals are guaranteed compensation for their losses. The financial aid is crucial for Roskilde Festival as it is based on a non-profit society model where all profits are donated to charitable work benefiting children and young people.

Roskilde Festival is organised by Roskilde Festival Charity Society and created by 30,000 volunteers. All profits from the festival are donated in full to humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work benefiting children and young people in particular. Since the early 70s, Roskilde Festival has donated approx. EUR 54.3 million (DKK 405 million).

“When the festival was cancelled last year, we never dreamed that we would not be ready for a festival summer in 2021. It takes at least a year and a half to plan a festival, and although we have planned with great care and financial responsibility, we have had expenses and obligations for the operation, the organisation and external suppliers. Therefore, it is a relief that we can get help to get through another cancelled season.”

Signe Lopdrup, Roskilde Festival’s CEO

Two consecutive seasons of cancellation will definitely affect a festival organisation that engages 130,000 participants, of whom approx. 30,000 are volunteers. Therefore, the festival management will now focus on creating other types of cultural events so that the organisation can continue to live up to its purpose of supporting children and young people’s opportunities.

“Roskilde Festival has always developed over time, and a pandemic and two consecutive years of cancellation will undoubtedly take its toll. But the need for many people to be gathered will never ever lose its meaning. Now we need to team up with our partners, suppliers and all the volunteers to find out how we can move on from here and be present in new ways. We have stood together all the way, and now more than ever there is a need to make room for art, volunteering and new communities.”

Signe Lopdrup, Roskilde Festival’s CEO
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