James Blunt’s ‘Moon Landing’ out now

James Blunt’s new album ‘Moon Landing’ is out now, all over the world except the US where it will be released 5th November. And for those in the US who have to wait just a little bit longer, you can still listen to it online at http://smarturl.it/moonlandingstream. Expecialy for those who realy love the album, James released an unplugged version of ‘Sun on Sunday’ to make you feel sad this Tuesday!

The new album is going strong, as ‘Bonfire Heart’ is Number 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Number 3 in Australia; and Number 4 in the UK.


1. Face The Sun
2. Satellites
3. Bonfire Heart
4. Heart To Heart
5. Miss America
6. The Only One
7. Sun On Sunday
8. Bones
9. Always Hate Me
10. Postcards
11. Blue On Blue

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