Manu Chao announces new album “Viva Tu”

Manu Chao will release his new album “Viva Tu” through Because Music on 20th September. Following last month’s unveiling of the title track, a heartfelt rumba dedicated to all the women in his neighborhood, Manu Chao shared “São Paulo Motoboy”, a brotherly tribute to all the couriers in São Paulo risking their lives every day as they ride their two-wheelers across the huge metropolis.

Photo (c) Sofia Dowbor

In “São Paulo Motoboy,” Manu sings about the dangers and self-sacrifice these workers face during their grueling daily routes. He captures the laughter, dreams, and bravery of these city street knights, who fearlessly weave between trucks and through traffic jams. These men and women are ready to give their all, despite receiving nothing in return, braving the heat, cold, rain, emergencies, or accidents with careless abandon and endless courage. He also evokes their undeniable sense of freedom.

It’s a topic he’s never tackled before, but one which he approaches with authenticity. Before his international success, Manu was himself a courier in Paris. “São Paulo Motoboy” will inevitably resonate with motorcycle-riding workers found on the streets of Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The release will also feature an immersive documentary depicting the daily life of ‘motoboys’ in São Paulo.

The 13 new songs on Manu Chao’s upcoming album “Viva Tu” are inspired by his travels, people’s daily lives, and the current state of the world. Delivered in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English, notable collaborations include Willie Nelson on “Heaven’s Bad Day” and French singer Laeti on “Tu Te Vas”.

Since the release of “La Radiolina” in 2007, Manu has continued to generously share his music. In addition to offering free tracks on his website and acoustic sessions on his YouTube channel, Manu has collaborated on projects with friends like Bomba Estéreo, Rumbakana, Charlart58, Carlangas, Dani Lança, Calypso Rose, and many others. He has also participated in social causes like Playing For Change and The Dharavi Dream Project.

Manu has continued to travel the world to meet his audience. Accompanied by his faithful musicians and friends Lucky Salvadori, Miguel Rumbao, and/or Mauro Metralla, in an acoustic format – “three friends with three sticks of wood” – they perform in various venues, family festivals, and popular events in France, Switzerland, Holland, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, Nepal, India, Macedonia, Slovenia, Norway, Colombia, Paraguay, Bosnia… These concerts are delivered in intimate, almost mystical settings, with a desire to be in harmony and captivate a vibrant and engaged audience. Using the excuse of these concerts, he has visited communities, associations, and cooperatives, as well as activist groups defending social causes that need support: Manu listens and shares. And, of course, reunions with friends always fuel his inspiration.

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