Prog Artist Leon Alvarado Announces Pink Floyd Influenced New Album

US progressive rock artist Leon Alvarado is thrilled to announce the release of his newest album, “The Changing Tide,” set to debut on May 31st. This eagerly awaited album follows the successful release of an EP that previewed two tracks: a captivating cover of Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage” and the enchanting instrumental “Dance of The Pink Elephants.”

Alvarado reflects, “The creation of ‘The Changing Tide’ was greatly influenced by Pink Floyd’s musical heritage. We aimed to seamlessly blend their timeless formula with our unique styles to produce material that charts its own course.”

Leon Alvarado is renowned for his innovative fusion of electronic and rock music. With a career spanning over two decades, Alvarado has consistently showcased his ingenuity as a musician, expanding the horizons of his artistic vision with each project. His repertoire includes collaborations with esteemed figures in the Prog rock scene, earning him widespread acclaim and a devoted global fanbase. Beyond his own musical creations, Leon frequently collaborates with bands and promoters, using his artistic skills to craft fascinating album covers and promotional tour materials.

While acknowledging Pink Floyd’s influence, Alvarado emphasizes his own creative perspective. “Listeners can anticipate a departure of sorts from my previous works,” he shares, “yet they’ll find my hallmark keyboard textures and atmospheric nuances intricately woven throughout.”

Joining Alvarado on this musical journey is an ensemble of exceptional musicians, including bassists Tony Franklin (known for his work with Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers in The Firm) and Gary Gnaedinger, guitarists Edoardo Scordo and Damian Darlington (both renowned members of Brit Floyd), along with Jimmy Griggers on guitars and saxophonist John Helliwell (of Supertramp fame). Additionally, L.A. session musician Pablo Hopehayn contributes on strings. The backing vocals on “Brain Damage” are skillfully provided by Jeff Sanson, Liz Hall, and Linda Alvarado.

“The Changing Tide” will be available for streaming on all major platforms and released on CD through Melodic Revolution Records. The physical CD promises to be a sensory delight, featuring stunning artwork in an impeccably designed package that will undoubtedly enhance any music enthusiast’s collection.

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