I Prevail’s impressive performance at AFAS

I Prevail is a metalcore band with a unique and distinctive sound, thanks to their combination of heavy metal, hard rock, and electronic elements. The band is recognizable for their intense vocals alternating between rap and grunts, as well as powerful guitar riffs and strong beats. After a year, they returned to the Netherlands at the Afas Live. This time for their ‘True Power’ tour, in a venue almost twice the size of last year.

The I Prevail concert on Sunday, May 19th, was one to remember. After a strong opening with ‘There’s Fear in Letting Go’ and ‘Body Bag,’ Eric Vanlerberghe (co-vocalist, rapper, and unclean vocals) announced that his fellow singer Brian unfortunately could not be present on the tour due to a vocal cord surgery. Dylan (guitarist and backing vocalist) took over Brian’s parts during this concert and the EU tour. Despite some skeptical comments on social media about missing Brian, his absence was hardly felt, as Dylan proved to be an excellent substitute. The quality of the concert did not suffer.

The energy in the room was palpable. The audience was enthusiastically singing along, moshing, and jumping. A highlight of the evening was the surprising cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space,’ which felt like a bit of a “punk-goes-pop” throwback. After this sing-along, the audience enjoyed the tour debut of ‘I Am Visceral,’ which was well-received with a large circle pit. The crowd went wild during ‘FWYTYK,’ with an almost venue-filling mosh pit and an impressive wall of death. ‘Judgement Day’ also spurred much action with a gigantic circle pit. The band then gave a short speech expressing their gratitude for playing in a venue twice as large as the previous year.

The light show was spectacular and contributed to the intense atmosphere of the evening. ‘Choke’ and ‘Judgement Day’ were performed with great energy, and to close the regular part of the set, the band played ‘Hurricane.’ The audience couldn’t get enough, and the band returned for an encore with ‘Bow Down,’ finally ending the night with ‘Gasoline.’ A powerful and fitting end to a memorable evening.

The I Prevail concert was an impressive experience full of energy and spectacle. The band once again proved why they are one of the most beloved acts in their genre, and the audience enjoyed a night full of energy and excitement.

Photo’s (c) Dewi van Zeggelaar

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