“Tangomotán: Modern Fusion of Traditional Tango and Electronic Music”

Tangomotán, composed of four musicians from the conservatories of Paris (CRR, CNSM) and Gennevilliers, was born in 2017 with the release of the album “Défense d’afficher” on the NoMadMusic label, followed by a tour in France and abroad (England, Taiwan, Bahrain…).

This project, played as a chamber quartet (violin, bandoneon, piano, double bass), perpetuate the cultural heritage of traditional Tango while modernizing it. In 2019, the group collaborated with the French singer Sanseverino on the album “Sanseverino & Tangomotán” released by LittleBigMusic / Sony Music and went on a tour of 40 dates. This project reveals to the group a possible link between traditional tango and contemporary music, reintegrating the need to make their audience dance.

The reconnection of tango with dance, the fusion of acoustic and electronic: this is the latest project of the group. From the origins of the guardia vieja of the 1920s to Piazzolla in the 1980s, passing through Pugliese in the 1950s and Gotan Project in the 2000s, tango has gone through different styles. It is through successive deformations and inclusions of new influences that this genre has developed. From tango, they keep melodic metrics, rhythms, and instrumental playing modes.

To this acoustic music, Tangomotán adds electronic tools (effect pedals, computer, pad…) to create danceable music where sound distortions are experimented and loops of rhythmic cells are made using DAW. Respecting the breaks and emphasis that make this music unique, the 4 musicians promote this heritage while bringing it to a wider audience through a universal path: dance.

Their new album, “Motán,” was released on Friday on Noa Music.

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