F.I.D.E.L Exploring Musical Paradoxes with “Out Of Sight”

F.I.D.E.L (Further Individual Delusions) is the brainchild of Paris-based composer, producer, and A&R R. Dilouya, known for his work with artists like Omar, Sly Johnson, N’Dea Davenport, and Oxmo Puccino across labels such as Blue Note Records, Universal Jazz, and Heavenly Sweetness. Joining him are UK Funk & Soul icon John Turrell (Smoove & Turrell, BBC Fantasy Funk Band, Jalapeño Records) and French Hip-Hop, Soul, and Jazz powerhouse Sly Johnson (aka Sly the Mic Buddha, from the multi-platinum selling supergroup Saïan Supa Crew, BBE Records).

Hailing from North Paris and Northern England, F.I.D.E.L pays homage to the influential Post-Disco, Boogie, and New Wave pop songs that shaped the collective unconsciousness during the Thatcher/Cold War Era with their latest release, “Out Of Sight”.

This collaboration blends the vibrant personalities and experiences of these friends, exploring the paradoxes of their era with irony and sarcasm, resulting in a unique body of work that reflects a generation torn between social consciousness and the desire to revel.

Recorded during two week-long studio sessions in Paris, “Out Of Sight” showcases Dilouya’s timeless songwriting and bold production style, providing the perfect platform for John Turrell’s captivating vocal performances and Sly Johnson’s renowned musicianship and versatility. Electrifying contributions from German songstress Noraa (“Out of Sight”, “Heartbeat”) and Sci-Fi enthusiast Larry Houl of DKO Records (“Odd Things”) further enhance F.I.D.E.L’s exploration of how music shapes our critical awareness and longing for escape.

“Out of Sight” is available now.

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