“People Like Me & You”, The New Album of The Sherlocks

In 2021, The Sherlocks are making a strong comeback to post-pandemic life. The Covid had ended the tour of the second album “Under Your Sky” of 2019 and half of the founding members – Josh and Andy Davidson, guitarists and bassists – had chosen to trade band life for civilian life after ten years in the van. But a few auditions landed them replacements in bassist Trent Jackson and guitarist Alex Procter, and they spent three weeks at the Rockfield studio drinking a bottle of port a day with Manic Street Preachers producer Dave Eringa, their made it possible to record their second Top Ten album with “World I Understand” in 2022. ‘Our most complete album’, according to singer Kiaran Crook, and a magnificently successful bet. The album will again lead them to the stages of major festivals in front of a raging crowd, motivating them to return to the studio between each date, but this time at the Motor Museum (Liverpool) with Al Groves, more intensity and a little less of port.

We discovered on February 3 “Sirens”, a new title from these sessions in Liverpool. On March 31, the group was back with “Don’t Let It Out”, joined at the end of May by “People Like Me & You”, the eponymous title of the album which was delivered to us today, August 04. On the album, they address themes that are specific to them: nostalgia, aging, faulty relationships and escape from the daily routine during wild weekends. These concerns coalesce into a universal message of solidarity between the fans and the band, and between the isolated individual and humanity at large. “We all get a little bit older and we realize that everything is changing,” Kiaran explains of the overall tone of the album. ‘We come to different stages of our lives. And for The Sherlocks, this is a supersonic step.’

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