Rumboat Chili – All The Time In The World

When I saw the album cover among the new releases, it appealed to me. That could hardly be anything other than a classic rock-like record. Now it is, and quite a tasty one at that. There is a rise in the new wave of classic rock and Rumboat Chili is following along. While listening, Dirty Honey comes to mind, another nice band. Certainly, in terms of vocals, it doesn’t differ much.

Now I must say that the vocals provided here by Cameron Levesque and Jacob LeMieux sound a bit less powerful, with some difficulty in the head voice and highs. There is still something to be gained. Furthermore, the band consists of Christian Eagleson on lead guitar, Adam LeMieux on bass (the band photo also clearly shows that this is related to Jacob) and Dante McIntyre on drums. In addition to being the lead vocalist, Levesque is also the guitarist and Jacob takes care of the keys.

Rumboat Chili delivers a record with sufficient variation with ‘All The Time In The World’. Everything can be derived from something and they mix it into a nice album. For example, on the heavier riffing yet slower ‘Retribution 2’ we hear the organ parts Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. A nice contrast with the unfortunately far too short instrumental ‘Night Light’ where you immediately shout Pink Floyd out loud. The drumming is inspired by Nick Mason. The album also ends with an instrumental track, which is a reasonable length and comes from the Southern rock corner with Allman Brothers influences.

The album is full of nice solos, not too long, just a nice length that you are curious about what this will be like live. Or they make an extended version of it. Due to the aforementioned variation, this album is never boring, it is never difficult to listen to. This is a simple tasty snack, which leaves you wanting more and, in my opinion, could be further refined. Perhaps that abundance of variety is also a kind of pitfall. The band doesn’t yet know exactly which direction they want to take with their sound.

Rumboat Chili is certainly one to keep an eye on, especially for classic rock fans. The band has already had an earlier album released, so hopefully, we’ll hear more from these guys in the future. (6/10) (Rumboat Chili Studios)

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