Zürich Rockers The Hillbilly Moon Explosion Share New Single

Less than a week before the launch of their brand-new studio album, “Back In Time”, one of Europe’s most buzzed-about underground rock bands The Hillbilly Moon Explosion share one last single to give fans a taste of what’s in store on release day. “Sometimes Late At Night” is a propulsive track that deftly captures the spirit of the new album, crafting a compellingly dark surf-rock vibe with a heavy dose of gritty guitar riffs and a floor-stomping rhythmic backbeat that drives the verses. When the chorus hits, vocalist Emanuela Hutter’s distinctively powerful voice shines through and elevates the track from mere melodic rocker to an electrifying piece of punk-infused power!

Bandmate Oliver Baroni shares high praise for Hutter’s performance on the track, saying ‘“Sometimes Late At Night” is one of those songs that could only be by Emanuela. Completely unencumbered by genre or expectations. And ultimately that is pure Rock’n’Roll. Where family trauma and punk and art collide.’

“Back In Time” is The Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s tenth studio album and the first new album to be released through their new U.S. label partner, Cleopatra Records, a move that’s sure to bring legions of new fans into the band’s already burgeoning audience. The album finds the band’s creative duo, bassist Oliver Baroni and Hutter, flexing their artistic muscles and incorporating influences from ‘60s garage to surf-punk to psychobilly and beyond with the confidence and maturity that comes with 20+ years of playing. Look for the album to be available everywhere on CD, digital and vinyl starting February 9!


  1. Sometimes Late At Night
  2. Summerlove
  3. Knocked Down
  4. 1979
  5. I Live In My Head
  6. Sudden Ring
  7. Jet Fuel Rock And Roll
  8. Let’s Go (Back In Time)
  9. Nothing Takes The Place Of You
  10. Always Just You
  11. Death By My Side
  12. Reno
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