The Sherlocks moving tour to the European continent

Over recent years The Sherlocks have become one of the most exciting alternate-indie live bands in the UK. Selling out tours across UK & Europe, the band also achieved chart success with 4 albums in top 20. With an incredibly passionate loyal fanbase, their fans have followed the band’s journey from the pubs to selling out venues. Released last summer, their 5th album “People Like Me & You” met with success. Praised by critics, it also reached number 4 in the UK album charts.

Penning personal lyrics so intuitively, quintessential Sherlocks themes flooded out: nostalgia, aging, flawed relationships and escaping the rat race on wild, woozy weekends. First track: “Remember All The Girls” reflects on the vacuity of the teenage obsession with trends and experience, as viewed from an older, wiser perspective, while Don’t Let It Out celebrates the end-of-week release and the over-indulgence that entails. ‘We’re all getting a little bit older and it’s a realisation that everything is moving on,’ Kiaran says of the album’s overarching tone. ‘We’re getting into different stages of our lives.’ And for The Sherlocks, it’s looking like the supersonic stage.

After their UK Tour, The Sherlocks are heading over to the European Continent:

20 Nov: Supersonic, Paris Paris, France
21 Nov: Dynamo Zürich, Switzerland
22 Nov: MILAN Milano, Italy
23 Nov: Bologna Bologna, Italy
24 Nov: Vienna Vienna, Austria
25 Nov: Café V lese Praha, Czech Republic
27 Nov: Budapest Budapest, Hungary
28 Nov: ZAGREB Zagreb, Croatia
30 Nov: KRAKOW Kraków, Poland
01 Dec: WARSAW Warsaw, Poland
02 Dec: POZNAN Poznań, Poland
03 Dec: BERLIN Berlin, Germany
05 Dec: BERLIN Hamburg, Germany
06 Dec: COPENHAGEN Copenhagen, Denmark
07 Dec: OBERNHAUSEN Oberhausen, Germany
07 Dec: Drucklufthaus Oberhausen, Germany
08 Dec: COLOGNE Köln, Germany
09 Dec: AMSTERDAM Amsterdam, Netherlands

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