Pink rocked in Berlin with Summer Carnival Tour

Pink is currently touring in Europe during the Summer Carnival 2023 tour, last Wednesday the American singer performed at Olympiastadion in Berlin. Joined by some great support acts, the German capital was up to wittnes a wonderful summer night.

As the visitors slowly but surely entered Berlin’s Olympiastadion, DJ KidCutUp played the best hits to get the audience in the right mood. The audience was singing along to all of the songs the dj played. After that it was up to the American singer-songwriter Gayle to warm up the audience even more with her very infectious enthusiasm. It was obvious that Gayle was enjoying herself in the German capital, as she often made contact with the audience and played her way into the hearts of the visitors while running across the catwalk. The audience was clearly in the mood for her great pop rock sound. Dressed in a cool orange dress and with a bass guitar that was in matching orange, Gayle performed a strong set in the Berlin soccer stadium. She performed a great version of the Alanis Morissette hit “You Oughta Know”, with a very strong and powerful ending, which brought her much applause. Of course, the hit “Abcdefu” could not be missed and this sing-along song was also the last song of her short but very enthusiastic set.

The Irish band The Script have been at the top of the charts for years, so it’s a real treat to have them as one of Pink’s support acts during her Summer Carnival 2023 tour. The hit “Superheroes” was the perfect opener for The Script’s set and singer Danny O’Donoghue received a lot of applause immediately as he walked down the catwalk straight towards the fans. The fans sang along to all of the songs and the band received a very warm welcome in Berlin. A special moment during the show was when singer Danny grabbed a visitor’s phone and then called a fan to sing the hit song “Nothing” for them. Afterwards, Danny took the time to tell the audience how grateful The Script are for all the support they have received over the past few months, following the recent death of their guitarist Mark Sheehan. To celebrate his life, The Script dedicated the hit song “If You Could See Me Now” to him. After “Breakeven” singer Danny thought it would be nice to start a wave, after which more than 60,000 people in the Olympiastadion continued this wave. “Hall Of Fame” marked the end of The Script’s performance, after which they said farewell to the audience.

After a short animated film as an introduction to the concert, the band began playing the first chords of “Get The Party Started”, after which Pink flew down from the ridge of the stage. The twelfth show of the Summer Carnival 2023 tour had now officially started and more than 60,000 visitors in Berlin witnessed an almost Cirque du Soleil performance of Pink while singing. The theme of this tour is Summer Carnival and this was reflected in the decor on stage: large silver palm trees, a flamingo glowing in neon colors and a large disco ball. During “Raise Your Glass” there was even an added touch as two dancers raced down the catwalk on flamingos on wheels. During the concert Pink made a lot of contact with her fans, received many gifts and for a moment the concert almost seemed to become a small autograph session. Hilarious was the moment when there was repeatedly thrown a bra and Pink herself made the biggest jokes about it.

Pink is known for adding acrobatic elements to her shows and continuing to sing live throughout the performance. During this Summer Carnival tour, the song “Turbulence”, was such a moment, where she teamed up with dancer Khasan Brailsford to perform an impressive and breathtaking act in the air. Then Pink took a seat behind the piano to play a beautiful version of “Make You Feel My Love”. A lot of her bandmembers are part of her entourage for many years and with vocalist Stacy Campbell, bass-player Eva Gardner and guitarist Justin Derrico, and many others, they are a strong fundament for Pink’s career. The most touching moment during this concert was when Pink sang “Cover Me In Sunshine” with guitarist Justin and when her 12-year-old daughter Willow joined her on stage to sing in front of more than 60,000 fans.

During “I Am Here”, Pink and her entire band played on the catwalk and sang this power song in a gospel-like manner. The moment the audience clapped and loudly sang along to this song was very impressive. The singer then referred to remarks about her not being relevant, after which she performed the very strong song “Irrelevant” as an answer. Dance is always an important part of Pink concerts and also singing covers. During a beautiful version of “No Ordinary Love” by Sade, this was beautifully combined, with Pink being lifted up by her dancers while singing.

The show included a number of songs from the recent “Trustfall” album, including the 80s-inspired “Runaway”, which made use of a number of treadmills, as was common in aerobic videos in the 80s. On which her dancers, including choreographer and longtime friend and member of Pink’s touring family Reina Hidalgo, showed some crazy dance moves. Also “Trustfall” and ‘”Never Gonna Not Dance Again” could not be missed during this show and were received with much joy by the enthusiastic fans. Behind the stage a number of black buses were ready to drive Pink and her band to the hotel after the show. But not before Pink’s ‘signature performance,’ which was flying over the heads of the audience during “So What”. “So What” was the grand finale of the concert in Berlin. At the start of the well-known guitar riff, everyone in the Olympiastadion knew what was about to happen and so thousands of visitors stood with their cell phones and cameras pointed towards Pink. While singing, Pink was flying over the heads of the many thousands of visitors and together with confetti and fireworks this was the conclusion of a beautiful summer evening in Berlin that will not be easily equaled.

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