Carlos Marin (Il Divo) passed away

It was announced on Sunday evening that Carlos Marin, singer of the popular singing group Il Divo, has suddenly passed away. Marin was a member of the international singing group for 17 years and toured the world with David Miller, Urs Bühler and Sébastien Izambard for many years, with great success.

The Spanish baritone was brought together by Simon Cowell with the tenors and pop singer in 2004, and had several hit albums with Il Divo, such as ‘Siempre’, ‘The Promise’, ‘Il Divo’, ‘Wicked game’ and ‘Ancora’. In total, the quartet sold more than 30 million albums.

In a statement from the three remaining members of Il Divo, the band announced their passing: “It is with heavy hearts that we are letting you know that our friend and partner, Carlos Marin, has passed away. He will be missed by his friends, family and fans. There will never be another voice or spirit like Carlos. For 17 years the four of us have been on this incredible journey of Il Divo together, and we will miss our dear friend. We hope and pray that his beautiful soul will rest in peace. With Love — David, Sebastien and Urs. ”

Carlos Marin was rushed to intensive care at a hospital in Manchester, England, earlier this week. It is not known what the reason was, but it is known that the singer, unfortunately, did not leave the hospital.

Il Divo singer Carlos Marin died 53 years young.

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