Dutch Metal Legends Martyr Announce New Studio Album

It’s a period of grief & sadness. Traditional heavy metal bands have almost become extinct. Some of the founding fathers of the hard rock & metal scene unfortunately have walked the stairway to (heavy metal) heaven in years gone by.

A vast majority of bands fail to release convincingly strong albums since the mid-Eighties and others have already announced their umpteenth farewell tours. Bands that rocked back in the days are no longer delivering the goods…

This very day, there are no pretenders to the throne of conventional heavy metal. But there’s still hope for the future! The members of the renowned Dutch band Martyr travelled through time and space in preparations for their new album which is the successor to their notorious “Live In Japan” album which was released in 2019. 

During the 40 years of their existence, Martyr has always been battling unorthodox styles such as nu-metal, screamo or slam death metal. Martyr, therefore, is a band you can always rely on to put out a solid as FUCK heavy / speed / thrash metal release.

Mark your agenda for February 24th 2022. That day, the five fierce metal warriors will release their fifth and sophomore studio album entitled “Planet Metalhead”. The album comes in various formats and bundle packages and is set for a worldwide release through the Dutch Pt78 Records label in association with No Dust Records (Netherlands), Rock Stakk Records (Japan), Animated Insanity Records (U.S.A.), Classic Metal Records (South America) a.o.

“Planet Metalhead” tracklist:

01: Raise Your Horns, Unite!
02: Demon Hammer
03: Children Of The Night
04: Fire Of Rebellions
05: No Time For Goodbyes
06: Metal Overdrive
07: La Diabla!
08: Diary Of A Sinner
09: Church Of Steel
10: Wings In A Darkened Soul’ 

The ten tracks show a variety of impassioned eargasms which correspond to different styles that are firmly rooted in the Eighties heavy metal scene but with a contemporary twist and production. For this release, the Dutch metal legends Martyr will prove they are stronger than ever before and haven’t lost any of their relevance.

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