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After The Immediate Family has already warmed up the audience with an EP at the end of 2020, the band is now back with the long-awaited full-length debut album. The Immediate Family is an initiative of songwriter and guitarist Danny Kortchmar. In addition to Danny, the band consists of a number of legendary session musicians who have earned their stripes in the 70s and 80s of the last century. All of our beloved pop and rock albums from that era would have sounded different without these musicians.

So now the band’s debut album is finally out. The self-titled album contains 14 songs and clocks in at just over 53 minutes in total. In addition to the tracks previously released on the EP, this album also contains a number of songs that the band already played during the presentation of the EP with a live stream in concert. The album is certainly not a ‘producers album’ but a real musicians album. It is completely clear the men can play and therefore do not require an upscaled production. What you hear is what you get.

The band plays very loosely and it is clear that we are dealing with men here who know how to master their instrument. Rock ‘n roll will not sound fairer than the one played by The Immediate Family.

Founder Danny Korchmar himself introduced the band as “A cover band that plays originals”. The members of The Immediate Family have provided so many songs with their music and Korchmar and others have written so many hits for others that they can actually make this happen. The band that can play original covers has also included some very interesting songs on this debut album, such as the somewhat obscure but beautiful “Somebody’s Baby” by Jackson Browne, which was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “First time at Ridgemont High”. This song was originally written by Korchmar. On the album we also find a really fabulous version of Warren Zevon’s “Johnny Strikes up the Band” and we could go on and on.

The album is solid and raises the expectations of a live tour by The Immediate Family. In an earlier interview with Maxazine, The Immediate Family said that they would also do some performances. Based on this debut album, that is something the real music lover can look forward to with great desire.

This album is one for the true lover of artisanal rock music. You will not hear music better performed easily. These are the original artists who defined the sound of an entire generation of rock music. The possibility to hear them playing together on this album, with so much pleasure, is nothing less than a godsend. (8/10) (Quarto Valley Records)

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