Y-S Announces New EP ‘Middknight’

The Cleveland native’s latest is a reminder of his deft storytelling ability and impeccable sense of rhythm.

Since the release of his first tracks, Y-S has been winning over audiences with his no-nonsense style and true to life lyricism. On his latest release, he has taken a major step forward, revealing himself to be one this generations most thoughtful writers and performers.

Opening track ‘Unforgettable’ sets the stage. A detailed account of Y-S’s rise from humble beginnings, it shines a light on the life of a young black man in modern America. Next is the smooth and energetic ‘Members Only,’ on which Y-S flexes his impressive lyrical muscles.

Each of these seven tracks has a life of its own, with Y-S showing several different sides of his artistry. A collaboration with Drew Vigilate provides a mid album highlight, while ‘Never Stop Me’ is an uplifting ode to perseverance and survival. By the closing lines of ‘Eastside,’ it becomes clear that ‘Middknight’ is an album that will demand constant re-listens. It is a clear eyed, powerful statement from one of this era’s most vital new voices.

‘Middknight’ is available everywhere Aug. 9

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