Megadeth Announces First Commercial Release Of Unplugged Concert Performed In 2001

It was one of the most unique and sought-after concert experiences in Megadeth fandom – an intimate, scaled-down performance featuring Dave Mustaine & Co. on acoustic guitars stripping down their heavy metal anthems to their primal elements. These special engagements became the stuff of legend over the years and recordings of these performances were made available exclusively through the Megadeth fanclub. But now, the band have partnered with Los Angeles-based indie label Cleopatra Records to make this experience open to all with the first-ever commercial release of “Unplugged In Boston”, a spectacular acoustic concert recorded in 2001.

Coming just on the heels of the band’s stylishly aggressive album “The World Needs A Hero”, the setlist kicks off with one of that album’s best tracks, the turbulent “Dread And The Fugitive Mind” before launching into a string of older favourites including several from the 1997 album “Cryptic Writings” as well as an excerpt from “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due.” But Mustaine & gang save the best for last, closing the show with a superb one-two punch of “Moto Psycho,” Hero’s highest charting single, and the unforgettable “Symphony Of Destruction,” Megadeth’s mainstream breakthrough that still manages to get the audience’s blood pumping! All in all, it’s an extraordinary concert that Megadeth fans will not want to miss!

“Unplugged In Boston” will be available on digital as well as digipak CD and vinyl in an array of color options to choose from.

Track List:
1. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
2. Trust
3. Time: The Beginning
4. Use The Man
5. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
6. Almost Honest
7. Promises
8. She-Wolf
9. Moto Psycho
10. Symphony Of Destruction

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