Searching for the next star of Finnish heavy metal

Finland has been the heart and soul of one of the great subgenres of rock – heavy metal. They have been inspiring musicians to include this style of music into operas, opening paths to female singers, mixing magical sagas with folkloric lore with the most extreme heavy metal styles, including symphonic elements into death metal including shamanism and tales of mythic monsters.

Finland is also known for its enormous cauldron of original bands that dare to get deeper into their cultural roots and explore artistically the untouched soil. Heavy metal has been the official brand in Finland and holds the incredible amount of metal bands per capita in the world, 70 bands per 100.000 habitants.

Which will be the Finnish metal band that will be their next heavy metal act? The Finnish minister of culture is being made this question, creating the biggest competition between bands in Finland. Guess what: the South American crowd will be responsible for choosing the great winner through online voting.

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