KISS Replicas’ Announces Their Latest Release The Officially Licensed Demon Monster KISS Costume

Inspired by Gene Simmons’ legendary persona, this immaculately detailed costume is made with a thick outer hard shell allowing you to rock cities while looking fancy and maintaining a comfortable form fit. The detailed armor is just the tip of the tongue. Cast from the actual molds used to create the same armor for the mythical Gene Simmons’ Demon, this costume also features adjustable sleeve armor positioning, adaptable side torso straps, adjustable codpiece, spiked fingerless gloves and the black studded pleather cape with 4 points of attachment. Allowing for even more pliancy, the torso features 3 adjustable leather straps meant to adapt to most all body types.

The Demon MONSTER features stunning organic anatomic details and lavalike seams. With this costume you’re not just playing dress-up, you’re becoming the King of the Night Time World ready to find your headlight queen.

With this set limited to just 250 orders, you are not going to want to let this one get away.

The Demon MONSTER is made in North America and includes:
• Torso Armor, Sleeve Armor, Fingerless Gloves, Cape, Cod Piece, Bodysuit and Dragon Boots
• Mind-blowing details visually identical to the actual Demon stage worn armor
• Adjustable Sleeve Positioning – Adaptable fit chest
• Adjustable Cod Piece
• Custom Black Studded Cape with 4 Points of Attachment

Since 2015, KISS Replicas has been the premier developer of officially high-end KISS replica costumes under license by Epic Rights, KISS’s global licensing agent. All costumes are produced by UD Replicas, the licensing division of Universal Designs Ltd.

David Pea, President UD Replicas says, “Nothing like this has ever been offered before. This beautifully intricate costume is made entirely by hand and each one takes hundreds of hours to complete. It’s more than just a costume, this is a dream come true for fans the world over that have an emotional connection to KISS and the excitement their costumes garner.”

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