Opus Plan Farewell Tour and Release “Fake Or True”

With their ‘Opus Magnum’ album, Austrian pop group Opus have introduced a final chapter in their career as a band; The farewell tour is being planned and the final album is released as a Fanbox including Vinyl, CD and DVD, accompanied with notes and unreleased gems of their past. Formed in 1973, the group is chiefly known for its 1985 single release, “Live Is Life”, which reached the Top 10 in many countries around the world

The new Magnum-single ‘Fake Or True’ is now about to be lifted higher than other records before: Inspired by the “Voyager Golden Record“, a unique 7“ copy of the song (made of platinum plus an attached record player) is about to join a future ESA mission to Mars, in order to become accessible to extraterrestrial life. For the b-side, the band selected their hit-song ‘Live Is Life’ for a showcase of „the energy and joy with human live concerts“.

The brand new platinum record is presented by the band together with Austrian „Mars One Astronaut“ candidate Günther Golob.

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