Vix20 back on track with “Broken Melody”

Vix20 comprises of Gary Mills and CJ, two music industry veterans who became so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they walked away, vowing never to return. Years later the duo now fully rejuvenated, have returned to the industry they previously left behind.

Seemingly using their time away to master the art of writing insanely catchy 3-minute power pop thunderbolts, illustrated beautifully by their songs “Digital Age”, “Try again” and “Hashtag Change”, all of which have garnered radio play all over the world, topped several indie charts, and won the band an army of new fans accumulating almost 700k streams on Spotify.

Always keen to explore different genres the 80s synthtastic banger “Tron Takes the Train” is a perfect example of the bands versatility. If there is just one new band you need to be checking out in 2021, then Vix20 are that band. Joined by long term conspirators Kill and Rich, this year looks set to further cement the band’s legacy as one of the bands to look out for.

The Vix20 Essentials podcast is featured on over 20 radio stations and continues to build momentum, with bands daily submissions to be featured on their playlists. “Broken Melody” is the brand-new single edging towards their softer side having crafted a beautiful, but slightly sinister track that takes the listener on journey through joy, grief and revenge.

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