DJ Fede takes you on a “Brazilian Trip” with remix by Leo Mas & Fabrice

Willwork4funk and Irma Records are proud to present “Brazilian Trip feat. Silvia Donati”, the new single by Italian DJ & producer DJ Fede that also includes a remix by famed DJs/producers Leo Mas & Fabrice. 

Italian DJ and producer DJ Fede had left us last summer with a sumptuous cover of “Body”, where he displayed all his love for 90s house music with echoes of disco. With his new single “Brazilian Trip”, he again works in conjunction with his studio partner Alessio Sogno and calls on singer Silvia Donati’s velvety voice to guide us into a world full of percussions and rarefied sounds.

The song’s hypnotic ambient intro develops into a warm and throbbing groove that envelops the listener in a luscious landscape of soulful Balearic atmospheres and tropical rhythms. For some extra spice, press play on the afro-tinged remix of historical producers/DJs Leo Mas and Fabrice. Or go full on jungle fever with the “Amazonian Dub” version. But don’t think DJ Fede’s trip to Brazil is over… other ‘sounds and colors’ will surprise you…

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