Pop Punk Powerhouse Band The Ataris Release New Live Album

Back in the distant past, before the pandemic, before the dark days of 2020, one band embarked on a national tour of pure punk rock glory, kicking out melodic tunes with supercharged energy to the delight of tens of thousands of fans who were actually physically in the same room as the band and each other!

That band was The Ataris and their tour from eons ago, the year 2019 to be precise, kicked up such a fury that it still carries on to this day in the shape of a brand new concert album taken from the band’s Chicago performance.

Live In Chicago 2019 features killer live versions of The Ataris’ most beloved songs including their stellar cover of Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer” plus “In This Diary,” “So Long, Astoria,” “The Saddest Song” and more! As a special bonus, the CD and digital versions come with stripped down solo performances by Ataris’ frontman and founder Kris Roe while the vinyl version is available in a limited edition CLEAR vinyl pressing!

Track List:

1. In This Diary
2. Unopened Letter to The World
3. The Hero Dies in This One
4. The Saddest Song
5. Boxcar
6. Summer ’79
7. Car Song (Solo)
8. San Dimas (Solo)
9. Takeoffs and Landings
10. Boys of Summer
11. Radio #2
12. Eight of Nine
13. Your Boyfriend Sucks (Solo)
14. So Long, Astoria
15. All Songs At Once

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