Remy van Kesteren releases second single ‘amber’ from his upcoming album

Yesterday Remy van Kesteren released the second single from his upcoming album. It’s called ‘amber’ and will be featured on the alternative soundtrack he made for the Oscar nominated movie ‘The Red Turtle’, which was directed and written by Dutch Oscar winning director Michael Dudok de Wit. With the single comes a music video that was shot in Courieux, saint-symphorien-sure-couze, France. ‘An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle’ will be released on the 30th of October.

The Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren is known for creating his own world with his compositions; a mix of neoclassical, minimal, alternative, electronic music with jazz and world influences, where the boundaries between genres disappear. The compositions turned out to be a perfect match with The Red Turtle, of which new single ‘amber’ is the second single featured on his alternative soundtrack. Van Kesteren wrote the single while improvising when he was watching the movie.

Van Kesteren about the single ‘amber’: “It was the first piece that came about after I spoke with director Michael Dudok de Wit. He spoke about how ‘desire’ is one of the main motives of the film. Quite early in the film there’s a scene where the main character – a person washed up on an uninhabited island – longs in a dream for a way out and suddenly sees a bamboo bridge appear over the sea. He walks over to it and runs euphorically across the bridge back to civilization, until he suddenly wakes up. I tried to capture that feverish longing in the music, which in turn is not released from two recurring notes. Musically you are also caught in some kind of ‘loop’, just as his days on the island are always the same. Ultimately, this piece turned out to be one of the lead motives that take you through the story of the film, always recurring in a slightly different form.”

The single ‘amber’ will be featured on ‘an alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle’, for which illustrator and director Michael Dudok de Wit made the artwork and wrote liner notes. The original soundtrack of ‘The Red Turtle’ was composed by Laurent Perez del Mar. Dudok de Wit about the alternative soundtrack: “Remy had a striking idea. For his music score he chose to focus on nature, on the different forces that nature exercises on us: water, fire, earth and air. His idea immediately appealed to me. My awe and love for nature were a huge motivation for writing The Red Turtle.”

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