Stephan Vanbergh releases new single ‘Dream Island’

Stephan Vanbergh has always had a passion for music from an early age. As a little boy, he spent hours at the stereo tower with headphones mixing personal music cassettes together. As a teenager he attended music school, but that turned out to be too boring for Stephan. He joined the local fire brigade Fanfare and there he broadened his musical knowledge as a drummer.

He played drums until he visited a local radio station (Radio Micron in Belgium) in 1989. When he was 13 years old, it opened his eyes and he started creating non-stop programming and technical support for live radio programs. Later his own dance program started in the weekends.

Due to the success of his dance programs, he was also asked to play at parties and clubs. Due to the many contacts in the clubs, he was also asked to provide light shows in various clubs such as Krypton (BE), Sottos (BE), Kokorico (BE), 2ndlife (BE), Place2party (BE) and more.

But music remained his great passion and he wanted to get back behind the turntables and make his own music. After many years of experimenting with music software and tools, 2020 is the time to release their own music in different styles such as EDM, Big Room, House and more. ‘Dream Island’ is the latest release of Stephan Vanbergh.

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