Baba Beck releases ‘Yahu’ in Europe

Baba Beck once came to Europe at the age of 13. A vacation that made a big impression on the American, and the musician living in Washington D.C. already made a promise to himself at the time: “Come back, but then as a star”. At least those are words that express ambition and we like that a lot.

At the moment that is not yet an issue, but the musician is making fair steps with his single ‘Yahu’. At the end of 2018, the single did well in the United States, now Baba Beck uses the single to conquer Europe as well. Pop-rock with a touch of electro in the intro. Baba Beck knows how to serve his fans and he does it well. And that while he played all the instruments himself.

‘Yahu’ also contains some psychedelics, with which Baba Beck shows his entire genre in terms of styles in one song. The single may not be the definitive breakthrough Baba Beck hopes for, but it clearly shows that Europe can start taking the musician into account. We hope to hear from Beck again soon and we expect not having to wait for that very long. In any case, we will keep an eye on Baba Beck!

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