Experimental Musician Billy Yfantis Releases Sci-Fi/Space Album

Experimental musician and author Billy Yfantis, releases the Sci-Fi/Space album entitled “Entering the Solar System”. The album features 9 instrumental tracks composed for the 9 planets of the Solar System, plus 1 track called “Landing” consisting of re-worked sounds that were originally recorded on the planet of Mars by NASA. The album was composed and recorded in Athens, Greece by Billy Yfantis who used a mix of virtual instruments and field recordings. Each track represents the sonic aesthetic perception of each planet while “Landing” is the re-editing of sounds created by InSight’s robotic arm as its camera scanned the surface of Mars.

The Solar System was formed 4.6 billion years ago from the collapse of an enormous interstellar cloud. The majority of the system’s mass consists of the Sun along with the other 8 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The whole scientific concept was a major influence for Billy Yfantis who is deep into Science since he is an active researcher of the University of West Attica. Billy commented on the new release: “Although my Ph.D. research is on a different field, Astronomy and Space have always been my passion. I believe that it was time to explore Space musically through the path of the virtual music technology.”

“Entering the Solar System” Tracklist:

1. Earth
2. Jupiter
3. Mars
4. Mercury
5. Neptune
6. Saturn
7. Sun
8. Uranus
9. Venus
10.  Landing

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