Funk band Speedometer celebrate 20 years with new album ‘Our Kind of Movement’

Over the years, UK’s premier funk band Speedometer have worked with a host of US funk legends including Joe Quarterman, Eddie Bo, Marva Whitney, Martha High, Sharon Jones, James Bell (Highlighters), Lee Fields, Billy Wooten and Robert Moore. All were blown away by Speedometer’s authenticity and dedication to faithfully creating that original soul-funk sound.

“Our Kind of Movement” is Speedometer’s 5th album release for Freestyle (excluding two compilations of archive releases) and sees Vanessa Jamie and Najwa Ezzaher join James Junior on vocal duties. On this album, the band re-explore their own diverse influences combining the heritage of Latin funk in “Funky Amigo”, Afro-Beat on “Abuja Sunrise”, Indian psychedelic on “Kashmir”, northern soul on “We gave up too soon”. After 20 years of making funky music, this LP brings their experiences all together on one record whilst keeping the funk groove at it’s heart. This is Speedometer in fine form’s “Kind of Movement”.

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