South African Dilana performs great show in Ommen

Before I write anything else I must admit to being a fan of Dilana. The tiny woman with the giant voice rings all my bells. Besides having that voice she has all the right qualities, stage presence, acting ability, acting, dancing and empathy for people are a few of her arrows. And she looks like a rock star, wild dreadlock hair and many tattoos complete the picture.

This show was at Motor Stop Calluna on the outskirts of Ommen, The Netherlands. Calluna is a huge bikers bar that reeks with atmosphere. Dilana is a biker herself and fits right in there. It was a full house and the place rocked. Dilana claimed to be a bit rusty because of the holidays but only she thought so. She did a lot of her own music and did a tribute to Dolores Oriondan by doing Zombie. If you are a rocker this woman is it, it gets no better.

Photo (c) Rudi van Dijk


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