New album Chameleon by Sven van Hees

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his label ‘Your Lips’ the Belgian master of the beach groove treats us to a brand new release: ‘Chameleon‘. His new (double) album includes a whopping total of 24 tracks broken down into two parts : Flowtation & The Rhythm.

Sven Van Hees ChameleonThe first part, Flowtation, represents the downtempo side of ‘Chameleon’ and contains 12 beautiful tunes in a production that reminds us yet again why this artist has such a dedicated & loyal fanbase globally. Soul, jazz & beach grooves transport the listener towards a place where a smile and sunscreen upon your face is mandatory.

Tracks such as “City Lights”, “Soda pressing” & “The Dance” can be considered instant classics and will find their way towards many compilations this summer. Float on!

The second part, The Rhythm, takes us to the dance floor of an exotic beach bar where the groove is funky, the atmosphere sexy and hot! “Confession”, “Space Junk”, “Holdin’ On”, “Afri Kola” & “Soultouch” are timeless summer anthems full of funky rhythms & sunshine vibes. As always Sven manages to put together a timeless sound.

Tempo ranges from 120 Bpm to 125 Bpm on this disc with tracks that include groovy beats, mesmerizing synths & heavenly vocals. This is some truly refreshing dance music folks!

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