Johnny Marr cancels Australia tour

Johnny Marr has cancelled his tour in Australia due to ongoing sickness in the family. His tour was to start on January 29th with shows in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sidney and Auckland. All further bookings has stopped and the management is now looking to plan the tour at the end of this year. Unfortunately Marr also had to cancel a part of his Amarican tour due to sickness of a family member at the end of last year.

In an official statement Marr said: “I’m really disappointed to not be able to play these shows. The touring has been so enjoyable for me and the band and the audiences have been great everywhere. If it was about just me just being unwell I would have found a way to continue as I did when I broke my hand last year, but to not be there for one of my family is not right. Thank you to everyone for the kind messages. See you soon. Johnny. X”

Beginning this week Marr released his new single ‘Struck’ the B-side of his Playland single ‘Dynamo’.

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