Drums United on tour in China with new line up

Lucas van Merwijk, Drums UnitedDuring the last year international percussion group Drums United has toured the USA, Germany, Canada, Asia, Colombia and Mexico. The group is currently in the studio finishing their upcoming album which will be released in september 2014. New members in the band are the great female multi-percussionist/drummer Simone Sou from Brazil and oriental percussionist/DJ Afra Mussawisadeh from Iran.

Drums United will be performing in China and will be participating at the 9Beats International Percussion Event together with legendary drums artists as Alex Acuña.

11.08.14 Tjienjin Guanghegu Open Park Theatre
12.08.14 Tjienjin 9Beats International Percussion Event
13.08.14 Tjienjin 9Beats International Percussion Event
14.08.14 Tjienjin 9Beats International Percussion Event
15.08.14 Tjienjin Cathy Future Childrens Art Centre
17.08.14 Shanghai Qian Shui Wan Art Center
18.08.14 Shanghai On Stage, JZ music

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