Bangface will be touching down for their first ever festival outside the UK

A first for a non-UK festival: BangFace will be at Dour (Belgium) to celebrate the closing day of the festival in style! BangFace have been reshaping the face of the UK rave scene for more than 10 years without changing the basis of their concept: creating the most fun atmosphere possible, by putting on a party filled with colour, balloons, inflatables, costumes and a new World Record at each event. The London collective, renowned for their legendary nights, have already made waves at Glastonbury Festival, and are now preparing to do the same at Dour. he explosive team of disc jockeys will be back together to lay down a mix of jungle, rave, acid, drum’n’bass, breakcore, bass & hardcore techno at the Plaine de la Machine à Feu.


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