Unlock website reveals new album of Belgian Amatorski

Amatorski by Gus & StellaBelgian band Amatorski have put together a very inventive “unlock” website for fans to discover the album: http://unlock.amatorski.be/#. A short loop of each track on the album can be streamed via the site, and every time someone either shares it on Facebook/Twitter or signs up for the newsletter, the loop gets a bit longer. So the more people share each track, the longer its loop becomes revealing it some more. The easiest thing to do is try it out yourself…

The new album was created over the course of last year. During a couple of months, a new batch of songs was moulded in a variety of places, at home, in the band’s studio and on the road. Songwriter Inne Eysermans searched for solitude and seclusion in New York and Hamburg to work on sketches and new ideas and sent them to guitar player Sebastiaan Van den Branden, who added new layers and sounds. Through their continuous interplay, the new songs gradually took their definitive form.

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