Deo & Z-Man release debut album in both Hamburg and Berlin

Deo & Z-ManWith their debut album on hafendisko, Deo & Z-Man proceed their research in contemporary electronic music beyond stylistic boundaries and present a wide-ranging lucky bag of songs. The Italo-rooted brothers are melting influences from modern House music, HipHop, Electronica and even jazzy elements into a fresh and life-affirming total work of art. And here we have – ‘No Bullshit’. With a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour and a seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas, Deo & Z-Man might have pulled one of the most creative albums of the year. To celebrate their debut album ‘No Bullshit’ on hafendisko with you, Deo & Z-Man are going to throw mindblowing album release parties in Hamburg as well as in Berlin. It all starts on December, 6th at the legendary Kater Holzig club in Berlin Also live on stage will be Techno Mampf Meyer (aka Erobique), as well as Tobias Lampe, the trio infernale of RSS Disco and Eurokai.

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